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  • CellFurb Acquired WhistlerPhones

    Posted on October 16 2017

    Today October 13th, after weeks of negotiations, CellFurb Inc. purchased WhistlerPhones Inc. This is a acquisition that will help CellFurb grow. CellFurb has never offered used devices and has always...

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  • Welcoming iPhone 6s and 7!

    Posted on September 20 2017

    Now welcoming iPhone 6s and 7 to our line up. iPhone 7's are in 10/10 condition where iPhone 6s are in 6-8/10 condition. Both are at highly competitive pricing that...

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  • New Phones Have Arrived!

    Posted on September 17 2017

    A big new box of new phones have arrived! iPhone 5c, 5s, Samsung s5, s6 & s7 are all in stock and ON SALE! Check them out today!

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  • Delays On Inventory

    Posted on March 30 2017

    Due to negotiation delays with our providers, iPhones are very limited. More inventory is expected Monday, April 3rd. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!

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  • Welcoming Whistler Phones!

    Posted on March 12 2017

    Welcome, Whistler Phones to the Whistler phone market! Our goal is to provide Whistler locals an easy way to find quality phones that have warranties and guarantees. As Whistler locals,...

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